The Truth About Successful Aussie Dogging

Dogging Australia

Let’s face it – even when you are the best lover in the world, things go wrong sometimes. This is definitely the case with outdoor action, like dogging in public. She’s happily bent over into the car and you’re pounding away at her from behind and then, all of a sudden, you lose your footing and somehow end up nose deep in her ass….

You probably didn’t deserve the slap she gave you as it was only an accident, but it will be a funny story to tell in the future once you’ve calmed down nevertheless.

Make life easier for yourself guys! There are a few positions you CAN get away with in the exotic world of dogging, and sex in cars, but there are definitely some positions you CAN’T!

Don’t get caught out and read this guide:

*Bend Her Over!*

This is one we have already mentioned and when you’re in a dry car park or field, everything normally goes to plan. She’s at the right height to enjoy everything you’ve got, and you’re not straining anything to give your best performance. It’s easy, breezy, and lots of fun!

When things get wet, footing slips. Unless you’ve got some pretty sensible shoes on, you’re probably both going to end up on the floor. If it gets wet, move things into the car…

This is where things get spicy!

*Straddle Me!*

Ask her to straddle you. If you’re lucky enough that she says yes, you’re in for a right treat! You get to enjoy everything she has to offer – those bouncing breasts, those muscular thighs, her beautiful eyes…. and you put in ZERO hard work and effort. Well, unless you count curling your toes. It’s been known to happen!

You do need to give her a rest after a while with this position; it does take it out of her leg muscles somewhat. Why not slip her over and try the next position…

*Lay Her Down!*

That’s right – open up the back doors, lay her down across the back seat, and pull her butt closer to you as you stand on the outside of the car. This is a pretty brave position, and probably isn’t one you’re going to want to try in your first couple of attempts at dogging. Those beautiful Aussie faces sure make you nervous the first few times you go.

It’s basically like her laying across the kitchen table as you pound away into her, except you are in a car park and there are ten other people watching. You’re pretty sure the guy in the next car to you is jerking off too.

You almost feel like a porn star.

It’s great! 🙂

Of course, we should probably mention a few of the more exotic positions in the world of Aussie dogging. You’re probably going to want to practice on the less trying stuff at first but if you can squeeze her over your lap, straddling you and facing you, in the drivers seat, not only are you so close that it is about to get unreal-hot, but you can both buck and move to bring each other to earth-shattering climaxes. It’s a pretty tight squeeze in there. As is trying to pound away across the backseats without the doors open. Oh, and another thing you should probably know – you must open a window or something somewhere otherwise you are turning your car into a miniature greenhouse.

You have been warned! 😉

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