The Successful Guide To Ultimate Aussie Dogging

Dogging In Adelaide

While you’re out and about doing your thing, enjoying the life that dogging has to offer, and one thing you won’t want is for someone to slap you in the face for going too far or pushing the boundaries. Well, unless you are into that kind of thing of course!

Knowing the common etiquette rules for dogging in Australia will be helpful to ensure that you carry on having fun, doing your thing for as long as you possibly can. No one ever wants a good party to end, do they?

So, for those that are new to the world of Aussie dogging, check out the do’s and don’t’s of outdoor action:


This should really go without saying but sometimes, the rules get ignored. There is NOTHING attractive about a guy that hasn’t cleaned his balls. Honestly, if you’ve been uncomfortably sweaty in your car all day, what makes you think you are going to smell any better?

Keep it clean, carry baby wipes in the car just in case, and make sure that you give yourself a quick trim too.


Come on – if you are going to have multiple sexual partners, you need to keep yourself protected. This isn’t just for your sake, but also for the sake of others around you. How do you think they will feel knowing that you’ve given them an STI? Scrap that… How do you think YOU would feel?

Learn about flashing!

No, you don’t need to run around with your junk hanging out. You need to learn how to use your vehicle lights to encourage others to join in with you. For example, if you flash your lights at another car and drive slowly off into a more secluded spot, this is inviting them to join you in a more secluded spot. It’s as simple as that really.

Opening your doors, leaving the inside light on, having your windows down, buzzing the sunroof open… These are all open invitations to other people asking them to come and join you. If you don’t want them to join you, lock yourself in. What’s the point in going if you aren’t going to have a little fun… 😉

Don’t get in the way!

If you haven’t been invited, don’t get involved. If they want you to join in, they will soon let you know. Don’t just assume that because that hot couple or cute girl is there, they want a good banging from you. You might not be their type. You might remind them of an ex. You might creep them out. Think about it – just because they are at a dogging site doesn’t mean that they are automatically going to bang anything in sight. They do still have morals, you know!

Don’t just go jumping into something without first at least requesting permission to do so. If you don’t, you totally deserve the smack in the face you’re probably going to get.

Local dogging is a lot of fun and for the most part, anything goes. However at the same time, you do still need to be respectful of these people. Keep the dogging community alive in Australia and stick to the most basic of rules. They’re there to protect you too you know!

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