The Number One Article On Dogging in Australia

Dogging In Australia

There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding the topic of dogging in Australia. It is something that is clearly happening a lot more because more and more people are taking about it. It’s clearly something that a lot of people are having fun doing…

So what’s the big deal? What is it that people don’t like about local dogging? If all adults are consenting and having fun, who are they really hurting?

Last week at a popular dogging spot in mainland Australia, a thirty year old woman and her partner enjoyed the delights of a threesome for the first time. They had been talking about the idea for a while, and they had finally decided to give it a shot for their anniversary… How romantic! 😉

Neither of them wanted to sleep with someone they knew for fear of it all going pear-shaped and getting awkward, and it was her that first brought up the idea of local dogging as a way to fulfil their ultimate fantasy.

He immediately agreed… It worked for them both – they got to explore the delights of a threesome while not wrecking any friendships, and if they decided against it at the last minute, there would be no hard feelings and even if there was, what did it matter because they would probably never see the third party again anyway. Smart, right?

At another popular hot dogging spot a little further south in Australia, a 20-something girl was enjoying some Friday night car park action with a couple of men she had met on a well-known Australian dogging website. She found it very sexy being watched while she was performing sex acts on men, but had never quite found the boyfriend that was up for the challenge. Most of them thought she was weird. One of them gave it a go but agreed that it was too uncomfortable at the last minute. She doesn’t give up on the nights of fulfilling sex though – she just goes “dogging” instead.

A pretty girl, she doesn’t normally wait long for someone to come knocking at her half open window. If it’s something she likes, she jumps on it (excuse the pun) and if it’s not, she politely says ‘no thanks’ and waits a bit longer. She gets what she wants and she’s smart because she always uses a condom. No one gets hurt, everyone is satisfied. No one goes without.

That’s the thing about Oz dogging – it’s not just for sex-obsessed truck drivers and dirty old men. It’s something that more and more people are trying in the hunt for the ultimate sexual pleasure – the ultimate sexual experience. In a day and age where we are encouraged to be more open and honest about sex, why are things like car park sex and public dogging so taboo? Why are we still not allowed to talk about them? If that’s what we like, that’s what we like… Right?

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