How Dogging Could Help Your Sex Life

Dogging Sites In Australia

Dogging… It’s not something that normally comes up in marriage and long-term relationships, is it? Or is it…

More and more married and long-term couples are looking at local dogging as a way of living out the fantasies they once thought they’d never be able to live out. That threesome that you thought was long gone out the window? You can do that. You know that dream you had about blowing your load over a pretty blonde’s face…? Well, you can do that too. If you’ve ever dreamt about screwing a cougar, banging a brunette out the back of a truck, or watching an experienced married couple make each other climax, you need to try dogging.

Honestly, it’s just unbelievable.

When you’ve been together for a while, you stop giving so much of a crap about what you look like, how you dress, how you see each other, etc. You don’t put in as much effort as you did when you were younger. The dates you had when you first went out took you two hours or more to prepare for. Now you barely manage to scrape a comb through your hair when you kick him out the door to work in the morning. And you can’t even remember the last time you had sex.

You get stuck in a rut with a long term relationship and it can be very hard to get out of that rut. You stop having sex, and even worse than this, when you eventually do have sex, it’s not great sex.

When you are performing to an audience, you are more inclined to try harder. You don’t want those strangers in the car park hoping for some action to see your ass in the oldest, greyest pants you have in your wardrobe, do you? You don’t want them to see you all un-trimmed. When you perform to an audience, you try a bit harder. You work a bit more. You put a bit more effort in. That’s what can save your marriage/long-term relationship – you are putting a bit more effort in.

Most couples that have been together for a while try local dogging, get things back on track, and then leave their dirty little secret in the car park they first screwed a complete stranger together in. Some of them end up using dogging as a way to keep things alive, and partake in it regularly. You find your own way. You may even find that the Aussie doggers you meet along the way may help to mould the future of the adventure too. You’ll have good experiences, and you’ll probably have bad, but it’ll all be good fun in the end, and above all else, it’ll be a learning curve.

You’ll find new things you like when you sleep with new people. This information can then be conveyed back to your partner so that the two of you have better sex. How can you improve on something when you have nothing to compare it to? That’s what dogging gives you – a safe, agreeable way to get things back on track, while enjoying everything else the sexual world has to offer you.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too! 🙂

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