Dogging Revealed

Dogging In Sydney

Dogging – what does that word mean to you? What do you think when you heard the word “dogging”? Is it something that you’ve ever really thought about? Dogging revealed!

Although considered seedy or sordid by some, dogging is actually something that is starting to take the world by storm, it would seem. It’s on the TV, it’s in the dark car parks in the middle of the night, it’s your neighbour down the street…. “Dogging” is not just something enjoyed by older, desperate men. It is being enjoyed by people just like you and me right now.

Somewhere in the world right now, someone is probably enjoying a spot of dogging action.

DOGGING is basically the practice of enjoying sexual activities outside with strangers. It might be sex with these strangers. It could be watching these strangers. It might even be performing for these strangers. Whatever your fantasy is, you can probably achieve it if you look for popular local dogger spots.

You can have threesomes, sex with strangers, voyeurism… You name it, there’s a fantasy that you can fulfil with some backseat action in the middle of a dark car park. The flashing lights of the car opposite indicate that they want to join in on the fun. Your slowly rolled-down-window a thumbs up to them – come and join in!

You don’t always need to participate in the sexual activity you see before you if you don’t want to, of course. Some people go just to have a look. It’s quite arousing, watching other people have sex – it’s almost like real live porn. Who doesn’t enjoy porn?

If you’re a watcher, you’re a watcher. You don’t join in, you just watch. Always pack condoms and keep yourself clean and smelling fresh just in case you get carried away in the moment, but it’s perfectly OK to just watch. If you want to join in on the action, always ask first. They may perceive you as a watcher – they may not be prepared for you to join in.

If you’re a player, you’re a player. You don’t just watch, you join in! You need to have some limits before you go if you are going with someone special. How far are you allowed to go? Are you allowed to touch? Climax? Anal? What about kissing? Are hands allowed to go there? Do the rules apply for all parties involved? What happens if they do this and then that happens? Make sure that you have clear, set rules first. Dogging can be a relationship-breaker for those that aren’t prepared.

Do you know the signals inviting other people to join in? Did you know that accidentally rolling down your window because you were too hot might look like an open invitation to anyone else watching. There are rules when it comes to dogging. The sex might be no-holds-barred but there are some basic etiquette rules you should follow. Always ask before you go jumping in, and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

Above all else, be respectful to people and the surroundings you are in. Don’t leave condom wrappers all over the floor because that’s not cool at all. Don’t leave tissues lying around the place, or make loads of noise even though there are some houses nearby. The more respectful you are, the better a name you are giving for yourself and other doggers. No one likes the dude that gave them a bad name, right?

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